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I'm Jason Adams founder and owner of record label Mean Records. Our intention is in Making Entertainment Always Noticeable, in doing this we offer packages that you can facilitate for your varying needs.

My passion in music began in high school from the age of 12, inspired by father who was a Road gear manager for numerous bands, this means I was around music from such a long age, learning and developing my craft and artistry working and being involved in many separate projects, culminating in my eventual concept and orchestration being Mean Records.

Being responsible for all aspects of the label, I am involved in every facet of the label. Mean records has a high emphasis standard in getting music artists out there, personifying there dreams and working alongside artists in making there goals a living working reality. We cover a wide range of music genres from R&b, Soul, Neo-soul, Reggae, Hiphop, Pop, Gospel, Jazz and more.

Through connections to the label we have all the necessary commodities that are needed in creation of Artist album covers, music outlets, liscencing, manufacturing, photography and marketing. We focus on the artist regardless of level, for we emphasize on the passion that you bring to Mean records.
Whether you are beginning in the industry and need strengthening in vocals, song writing, would like to learn a instrument,strengthen the skills you already have, we facilitate for your need.............

Making Entertainment Always Noticeable

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Twitter: @MeanRecords

Skype: Meanrecords92

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